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China Sugarcane Bagasse Molded Pulp Packaging Top Supplier,green olive environmental technology (dongguan) co. ltd

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Green Olive Environmental Technology (dongguan) Co. ltd


Production Capacity

Green Olive molded pulp packaging project is invested by 3 phases, at present the 1st phase has been put into production this year. The 2nd phase production base is under construction which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021. After all 3 phases construction completion, the total production capacity can hit 150,000 tons per year, which enables us to handle bulk order in short lead time enjoyed by the advantage of production capacity.


Expected Capacity and Profit Estimation







Total Area





Revenue Contribution


Profit (million)

1st Phase 







2nd Phase







3rd Phase









Airscape image of our 1st phase factory and 2nd phase production base to be constructed(with an area of 260,000sqm)


Now we have dozens of automatic production lines available for providing OEM and ODM service in bulk to meet different needs of customers.


Green Olive Production Capacity Breakdown


  Phase of the Project Machine No. Daily Capacity(ton) Monthly Capacity(ton) Annual Capacity(ton) Mass Production Timeline
1st Phase Factory 50 53 1470 15435 10 lines already in production, fully operated in Middle 2021
55 50 1386 14553 10 lines already in production, will be fully operated in Middle 2021
20 2 43 450 10 lines already in production,fully put into production in Middle 2021
2nd Phase Factory 50 53 1470 15435 Will be in production in Jun 2021,fully operated in early 2022
60 54 1512 15876 Will be in production in Jun 2021,fully operated in early 2022
2 33 918 9643 Will be in production in Jun 2021
3rd Phase Factory 120 126 3528 37044 2022-2023
160 144 4032 42336 2022-2023
      TOTAL 150,000  



Automatic Production Process


Green Olive is equiped with fully automatic production lines introduced from Taiwan with high efficiency( and some semi-automatic machines to accomodate small orders for flexibility). The entire production process (pulp molding process) is full automatic including automatic pulper, automatic shaping, automatic hot-pressing solidification and automatic margin cutting, automatic counting, and automatic package. 

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