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Bagasse Cold Cup Lids

Advanced technology allows us to create 100% biodegradable disposable cold cup lids for cold drinking, plant fiber food grade compostable material

Cold Cup Lids, Flat Lids, Paper Lids Compostable Beverage Packaging Disposable

Green Olive Biodegradable cup lids, produced with advance technology, have no plastic, to create a better life

Product Specification:
  • Product name : Biodegradable bagasse coffee cup lids
  • Material : sugarcane pulp
  • Usage : for 80/90mm cups
  • MOQ : 50000pcs
  • Certificates : FDA/LFGB/BPI/OKCOMPOST
  • Model number : GO-Z001/Z002
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Product Details



Zero Plastic Compostable Beverage Packaging Disposable Cold Cup Lids


Product Information of Cold Cup Lids


Product name

Cold Cup Lids/ Flat Lids


Sugarcane pulp


White or Natural




biodegradable; Eco-friendly; disposable; compostable, food grade


Plant fiber based lid for cold drinking cups


The Images of Disposable Cold Cup Lids

                                 Cold Cup Lids

                                Cold Cup Lids


Why Choose Plant Based Disposable Cold Cup Lids


1.Compost Certified: ASTM D 6400, EN13432, AS4736 and QB/T2341-97
2.Health Standard: GB/3561-89 & GB/T7974
3.Environmental Friendly: recyclable material, no pollution in production process and after using, it will degrade naturally and turn into organic fertilizer
4.Waterproof& Leak Proof: no leakage with hot water (90 ± 5 ° c) for 30 minutes
5. Microwave safe: Highesttemperature resistance135℃, suitable for microwave oven heating.
6. Freezer Safe: The lowest temperature withstand is -40℃
7. Food Grade: Passed FDA and LFGB food grade test
8. Elegant Appearance: No odor, nontoxic, natural color appearance, good touching feeling, no sharp edge.


                                                                Cold Cup Lids

Cold Cup Lids


Bagasse Product Process


Bagasse tableware is a green product conducive to environmental protection, with pulp made from bagasse fiber as raw material,one-time molding,

and after ultraviolet disinfection, can be used for heat, water and oil of a variety of food, also can be used in the microwave oven.This kind of product

is disposable, after use can be recycled paper, but also can be degraded in a short time after light and microbial action.

                              Cold Cup Lids


Why Choose Molded Pulp Packaging Made of Sugarcane Bagasse


                                          Cold Cup Lids




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