Sugarcane bagasse as a by product of sugar processing, recycled material, it is the ideal alternative to single use plastics for biodegradable packaging for food.

When did bagasse become the ideal choice for biodegradable packaging for food?

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For years, there has been an impressive push by humanity to come up with solutions and alternatives to plastic. However, these discussions have gone on for years without much progress in terms of bringing an end to single use plastics. That is why the impressive growth of the industry regarding biodegradable packaging via the use of bagasse has become so important. This plant fibre has become a common solution to getting over the need for damaging, environmentally expensive single use plastics.


What, then, is bagasse? And how did it grow to become the ideal choice for premium biodegradable packaging and take away food containers?


What is bagasse?


Bagasse is a powerful plant fiber that is taken from the production of sugarcane. Sugarcane bagasse is among the most commonly used products in the world today, and its creation often leaves behind huge quantities of plant fibre. These fibers in the past were simply disposed of and never used. However, the development of bagasse has allowed this to change quite drastically in a few short years. Today, it has become a major part of the eco tableware and takeaway industries. Indeed, today it plays an absolutely crucial role in the hospitality industry, providing companies with the chance to provide food and drink products in a more ethical product.


The product is made using a natural biowaste that was previously simply burnt, thrown away, or otherwise destroyed. Instead of getting rid of bagasse now we find a means to use the product in a way that is going to benefit our society. At the same time, it allows us to make sure that we can provide solutions in the catering and hospitality industry that allows for takeaway and on-demand food products served in ethical packaging.


Can bagasse be used for take away food containers?


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Yes, and it is regularly used for this purpose. Alongside cornstarch utensils and takeaway tubs, it is common for companies to use bagasse today. It has become the ideal replacement for those who want to bring in eco tableware that looks good, feels good, and retains a natural breakdown process that happens in days, not the weeks or months you might need to wait with some of the alternatives.


This push towards using more ethical and resistant solutions that can break down without losing any structural benefits from plastic and styrofoam is very important indeed. Bagasse is now used all across the industry today and has become a common choice for takeaway containers, plates, and even bowls.


For that reason, if you are a business owner intent on moving away from damaging single-use plastics, then you might wish to take a look at using bagasse. Far from being a fad product or something that is produced at great expense, this might just be the cheapest solution on the market to replace the single-use plastics industry.


It comes without both the production and the environmental cost. Is that not an investment worth making?

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