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Biodegradable sugarcane tableware can decompose naturally, that's why many people will choose to use bagasse sugarcane products

Does bagasse sugarcane decompose properly?

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Does bagasse sugarcane decompose properly?


When it comes to making choices that will benefit your business for years to come, you might not be sure where to start. For example, if you work in the hospitality sector, you might feel yourself wedded to the use of single-use plastics. After all, they are cheap, easy to find in large supply, and make a quick and easy choice for your customers. But what about the country you live in? The environment that you reside within?


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With the continuous use of single use plastics, every business runs the risk of hurting the planet today and tomorrow. That is why many companies today are turning to the use of bagasse sugarcane instead. These biodegradable cups, utensils, tableware, to go take out containers, and tubs can be the ideal alternative. Whether you serve up fast food, street food, cups of coffee, or even gourmet restaurant food, moving away from the use of single use plastics is a wonderful choice.


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Bagasse sugarcane has become one of the most popular choices for an alternative to single-use plastics. This purports to give you disposable utensils and containers that, once left to compost, will break down naturally, quickly, and safely. Is this true?



How long does bagasse sugarcane take to decompose?


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Typically, you could expect a bagasse sugarcane product to break down naturally within a period of 45-60 days. When stored in a proper commercial compost facility, this will help to speed up the process and further refine the actual quality of your output. Instead of giving people cheap single use plastics that can cut and fray, you can get something that is much more reliable, safer to use, and generally better for the world.


That is why many people will choose to use a composting solution like bagasse sugarcane. Of course, you could even use something like this at home; it offers a single use alternative to having to deal with dishes on a daily basis. On top of that, it will even break down in a residential compost bin. It can take a little longer to break down than when disposed of in a commercial facility, though, so just keep that in mind when making any choices regarding your choice of sugarcane solution.



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However, for any business that takes the use of compostable dinnerware seriously, you should take the time to look properly into bagasse sugarcane. It is arguably the safest alternative to going for the cheap and environmentally damaging option of using single use plastics.

Today, we are all too aware of the impact of our decisions on the environment that we live within. With that in mind, you might wish to start making business choices that pay off for your companies' long-term reputation. For us, that means taking the decision to stop using damaging single-use plastics and instead turn to something more dependable, ethical, and affordable.


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We cannot afford to keep losing our battle against single use plastics. A change to some modern options, then, could be the ideal option to get a product that does the same things but is easily compostable.

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