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The raw materials of molded pulp are plant fibers such as bagasse, which have the ability to be regenerated in a short period of time. At the same time,

Why switch from traditional packaging to moulded pulp packaging

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According to data released by the Royal Statistical Society of the United Kingdom, the proportion of plastic waste that has not been recycled in the world is as high as 90.5%. In such a huge amount of plastic waste, only 9% are recycled and only 12% are incinerated. Most of the remaining plastics will be landfilled on land or flow into the ocean, and it will take up to 400-500 years to degrade before they become substances that are harmless to nature and biological chains. On April 26, 2022, the People's Daily published a report entitled "Low-Carbon Life, You Have Me" in the Ecology Edition. The report pointed out that a market foundation should be provided for degradable tableware.

Why switch from traditional packaging to moulded pulp packaging

Toxic substances (such as foaming agents) contained in disposable plastic tableware will dissolve at higher temperatures and be absorbed by food, thereby causing trace pollution to the human body and long-term deposition to damage health (if the harmful substances exceed the standard, the harm will be even greater); Fluorescent substances and plasticizers added in the production process have the potential to cause cancer.

The hazard of single-use plastics, the global plastic restriction order has strengthened the use of plastics, carbon emission taxes, and the topic of carbon peaking in 2030 has become more and more popular, so that major companies are constantly looking for new sustainable development packaging materials, pulp molding As a 100% plastic-free, fully degradable environmentally friendly product, it will undoubtedly fundamentally solve the problem of plastic.

The raw materials of molded pulp are plant fibers such as bagasse, which have the ability to be regenerated in a short period of time. At the same time, the amount of raw materials used is far lower than that of traditional gift boxes such as handmade boxes. The comparison found that the use of pulp molding raw materials for gift boxes of the same size is only Half of a traditional gift box.

Paper-plastic products are degradable! Compostable. Under normal circumstances, molded pulp products discarded in the open air within three months can be completely degraded and composted under natural conditions. Protect the environment and stop white pollution!

Compared with traditional packaging boxes, traditional handmade boxes, iron boxes, and plastic boxes violate the requirements of environmental protection from the perspective of raw materials. Most of them contain harmful substances such as PVC and acrylonitrile, which will cause irreversible damage to the ecological environment after treatment. More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year in the world, of which about 2 million to 8 million tons of plastic will enter the ocean. These marine debris also seriously affect the ecological environment of the seabed, but it often takes an average of 700 years for a plastic bottle. It can be degraded, and 80% of plastic bottles cannot be recycled. It can be seen that environmentally friendly and degradable molded pulp products have a positive impact on the environment!

From the form of the product, molded pulp gives more choices of packaging shapes. All kinds of special shapes that cannot be realized by traditional packaging or are difficult to achieve can be realized by molded pulp. The differentiated shape has its own high-end attributes, which is also the most One of the important reasons why international brands are willing to use molded pulp packaging is because the packaging of the product can often reflect some of the properties of the product itself. A packaging shape that fits the product makes it easier for consumers to accept and understand the performance of the product. The pulp packaging can give the brand the characteristics of differentiation from the touch!

Molded pulp can be made into special-shaped boxes because of its characteristics, and there are also various options for outer packaging processes, such as bronzing, UV, Gaudi, envelopes, etc., so that your designers can have unlimited play. At the same time, compared with the complicated and cumbersome production process of traditional packaging, molded pulp products are integrally molded, using machines to realize fully automatic production, which can save labor costs to the greatest extent and improve production efficiency. In the future, the cost of molded pulp packaging will be much lower than that of traditional packaging. Package!

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