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Happy Dragon Boat Festival !!!!-Green Olive Environmental Technology

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Dragon Boat Festival

Fifth lunar month for the annual Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanwu Festival, afternoon Day Festival, May Day and so on. "Dragon Boat Festival" is one of China's national holidays, and has been included in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Folk customs
To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival is the traditions and customs of Chinese people for two thousand years. As a vast, numerous nationalities, with many stories and legends, so not only produced many disparate section name, but also has not the same customs throughout the nation.

Wear Damselflies
Damselflies were the hair accessories for women in Dragon Boat Festival in ancient times. The custom are mainly spread in the south of Yangtze River region. Damselflies were originated from step shake gold.

Hanging Moxa Leaf Tiger
Moxa Leaf Tiger is not only used to drive out evil spirits, but also used as ornaments. In ancient China, tiger was seen as the mythical creatures, so it can be used to drive the evil spirits and bless peace. So people take on more Moxa Leaf Tiger, particularly those in the Dragon Boat Festival is the most characteristic Moxa Leaf Tiger.

Draw the Forehead
The custom of draw realgar wine on children’s forehead which can expel poisonous insects. The typical way is to draw a “king” word on children’s forehead. On one hand, it means to abolish poison; on the other hand, use the symbolic meaning of tiger to drive out evil spirits.

Dragon boat racing
When dive dragon boat, there are many songs singing to add to fun. Such as Hubei Zigui dragon boat race, it has a complete singing melody art, lyrics blend together according to the local folk and chant, sing magnificent sound forceful.




Special Diet-Sugarcane Plate

Zongzi is a pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in reed leaves. It has various fillings. In north China, people favor the jujubes as the filling, while the south sweetened bean paste, fresh meat, or egg yolk. Nowadays, Zongzi already becomes a common food, which can be easily found in supermarkets and food stores. However, some families still retain the tradition to make Zongzi on the festival .


When you need to eat Zongzi,you can choose the environmental plate, keep healthy Nontoxic,Harmless and Sanitary. Sugarcane Bagasse material can match your requirments.

We use bagasse to manufacturer eco friendly food service products replacing traditional paper, plastics and styrofoam products. Bagasse also requires less energy to manufacturer than plastics products, thereby making its more energy efficient to produce. GreenOlive specialized in design,manufacture and distribution of compostable plant fiber packaging products. It is the best choice to protect environmental in the world.     



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