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Coca Cola Making Move to 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles, other companies follow suit by using sustainable alternatives such as sugarcane bagasse products or other biodegradable packaging products to reduce single use plastics.

Coca Cola Making Move to 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles

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Coca Cola Making Move to 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles


recycled plastic bottles


For years, the talk about the use of expensive and damaging single use plastics has been ongoing. Many see the use of such easy to find bottles as a convenient but expensive problem. While they are cheap to make, buy, and use, they come with a huge environmental cost down the line. As with any other industry, though, smaller companies will not make the mass changes needed until those at the top make the change. So, for those with a passion for recyclable plastic and biodegradable bottles, the news from the Coca-Cola Company might be met with positivity.


recycled plastic bottles


The mastermind behind massive soda brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, and Sprite are making a commitment to moving to the use of 100% recycled plastic bottles. These are notable changes for a company that is seen as a market leader in the use of plastic. Therefore, the move to start using 100% recyclable plastic is a major step forward in the path to sustainable and ethical product development and packaging. They aim is to help the company keep moving along the commitments made in years before, with a long-term promise to stop using single use plastics in exchange for recyclable, sustainable alternatives.


It’s for this reasn, then, that the new packaging promise is something that can be very exciting for environmental experts. A company the size of Coca-Cola making it clear they will no longer play along with the use of single use plastics that cannot be recycled is a massive step in the right direction.


Will other companies Follow Suit?


The hope is that with the Atlanta-based juggernaut making the decision to change, others will soon follow their lead. Indeed, the move to using smaller bottle sizes will also help to avoid mass consumption of plastics, ensuring that they can keep a virtuous cycle of recycled plastic being used again and again. The aim is to come up with solutions that are made to be entirely ethical and come from sources which can be said to be totally re-usable in future.


What other options exist?


Of course, while the move from Coca-Cola is very promising, other companies are moving away from plastic altogether. Other options for biodegradable cups and plates exist, for example the use of corn starch or sugarcane by-products. As the world opens up its eyes to the sheer scale of the use of plastic, and the damage it has on our environment, alternatives need to be looked into and used regularly.


compostable cold cup lids


This is why the step from Coca-Cola to really start using recyclable plastic is a huge step in the right direction. While it might not be a full move away from the use of plastics, it is more than enough of a positive step for those eager to see change at the very top. While we might still be many years away from going 100% plastic-free, market leaders like Coca-Cola do make a plastic-free future, replaced by biodegradable alternatives, a realistic aim.

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