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Biodegradable cutlery manufacturers tell you that tableware also has a lifespan, and different materials have different service lives.

Biodegradable cutlery manufacturers tell you how long various cutlery lasts

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Eating is an essential thing in everyone's life. Most people are more concerned with what they eat and how to eat healthier and more nutritious. However, they ignore the importance of cutlery. Biodegradable cutlery manufacturers tell you that tableware also has a lifespan, and different materials have different service lives.

1. Wooden

Most of the tableware made of wood are chopsticks and bowls, which are more common in the market mahogany, so a variety of better woods should be selected. The wood is denser, that is, it feels heavier in the hand, and the figure is less, causing bacteria not easy. Dense wood will last longer relative to the actual type of wood.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo tableware is also very common, but due to the bamboo material itself, there is a very small gap between the fibers, so it is easy to store oil and bacteria, so when it must be carefully cleaned, it also wants to dry quickly after washing, or it is easy to produce various Various molds. Usually 3-6 months to replace. If cracking or mildew appears prematurely, it should be replaced immediately.

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3. Plastic

The appearance of plastic avoids the disadvantage that bamboo and wood materials are easy to mold. But plastic also has some potential problems, such as easy aging. The plastic more commonly used for tableware is polypropylene, which is generally used in plastic lunch boxes for microwave ovens. Although polypropylene does not release toxic substances, long-term use, coupled with the action of light, or degradation, slowly softens. Replace the plastic when it has a typical crack.

4. Stainless steel

There is a protective film on the stainless steel surface, which can effectively prevent oil and bacteria from remaining. However, over time, the surface of stainless steel can be damaged by acids, alkalis and salts in food. If there are visible scratches on the stainless steel surface, you can buy new cutlery.

5. Ceramics and Glass

Porcelain and glass are mostly silicates and can be used as long as they don't break into pieces. It should be noted that due to glazing, the surface of porcelain often contains some heavy metals, and glass will add some metal minerals to increase the refractive index (such as adding lead to crystal glass), so be sure to choose products with guaranteed quality when purchasing. 

biodegradable cutlery manufacturers

6. Imitation porcelain tableware + vinegar

Some plastic imitations (which look like ceramics, if you look closely, are plastic), will break down into melamine and formaldehyde under the action of acid, and if you are often jealous, this kind of tableware is not suitable for use.

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