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After the upgrade of the plastic restriction order, some people are happy and some are worried. Major businesses in the catering industry are forced to use disposable degradable flat lid cups instead of ordinary plastic cups.

How Much Do You Know About Disposable Degradable Flat Lid Cups, How Many Types of Disposable Degradable Flat Lid Cups are There?

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After the upgrade of the plastic restriction order, some people are happy and some are worried. Major merchants in the catering industry are forced to use disposable degradable  flat lid cups to replace ordinary plastic cups. How much do you know about disposable degradable paper cups? How many types of disposable degradable paper cups are there?


flat lid cups


Disposable degradable paper cups are of the following types:



The cardboard flat lid cup is made of 300-350 grams of bleached kraft wood pulp cardboard as raw material and is made by die-cutting and bonding or die-cutting, pressing, and shaping through a stamping and forming process similar to sheet metal processing. In order to prevent it from seeping into oil or water, it is necessary to coat the surface with a film or apply chemical additives. In the process of production and use, it is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body. However, the quality requirements for cardboard are higher, and the cost is also increased.


Starch type

Edible fast tableware with starch as raw material, as the name suggests, is made of starch plants as raw materials, added with dietary fiber and other edible auxiliaries, and kneaded by stirring. It is refined by ion chelation and other technologies and consists of four parts: dense layer, inner waterproof layer, glue mesh layer, and outer waterproof layer.


Pulp molding

It is made by pulping and purifying wood pulp or reed, bagasse, wheat straw, straw, and other annual herb fiber pulp, adding the appropriate amount of non-toxic chemical additives, molding, drying, shaping, and shaping, trimming, and disinfection. Its cost price is between 0.28-0.32 yuan. The aesthetics of the product is not high, and it will also increase the pollution of wastewater.


Plant fiber type

In terms of environmental protection advantages, the plant fiber degradable flat lid cup has obvious advantages. It uses plant fibers extracted from straw, rice husk, bagasse, etc. as raw materials, adding molding agents, adhesives, water-resistant agents, and other auxiliaries to stir through the molding machine. , after drying, shaping, disinfection, and other post-processing. These agricultural scraps can become industrial raw materials and contribute to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources.

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