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Use biodegradable cups and plates when dining out and refrain from single-use plastic cutlery.

Energy saving propaganda green low carbon energy saving first

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The activities of China Energy Conservation Publicity Week were determined at the sixth energy conservation office meeting of the State Council in 1990. Since 1991, the China Energy Conservation Publicity Week has been held every year. The 2022 China Energy Conservation Publicity Week will be held from June 13th to 19th, and the theme of the event is "green and low carbon, energy conservation first". The China Low Carbon Day is scheduled to be held on June 15, with the theme of "Implementing the 'Double Carbon' Action to Build a Beautiful Homeland".

Energy saving propaganda green low carbon energy saving first

We should attach importance to and advocate the concept of low-carbon and environmentally friendly life, and take practical actions to achieve low energy and low consumption, and jointly protect our earth home. Here are some green environmental protection tips that each of us can do in our lives:

1. Green travel, energy saving and low carbon. Encourage the practice of "3510" travel: walking within 3 kilometers, cycling within 5 kilometers, and choosing public travel within 10 kilometers and other green and low-carbon modes.
2. Save electricity, establish the concept of saving electricity, use high-efficiency and energy-saving lighting sources, turn off lights when you go out, and refuse daytime lights, permanent lights, and unmanned lights.
3. Put an end to the use of disposable plastic tableware. The long-term and large-scale use of disposable plastic tableware brings convenience to our lives, but also causes a lot of waste of resources and environmental pollution. Use
biodegradable cups and plates when dining out and refrain from single-use plastic cutlery.
4. Reduce the use of plastic bags. For grocery shopping and supermarket shopping, try to choose environmentally friendly shopping bags that can be used multiple times, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.
5. It is everyone's responsibility to save water resources. When using water, control the size of the switch to control the water flow, and close the faucet after using it to save every drop of water.
6. Promote the use of phosphorus-free washing powder. Generally, sodium phosphate is used as a detergent in washing powder. After washing, phosphorus-containing wastewater flows into rivers and lakes, causing rapid growth of cyanobacteria in the water, slowing water flow, and death of fish and other organisms due to lack of oxygen. . Moreover, the clothes after washing are prone to cause adverse symptoms such as itching of the skin.

With the rise of the green market, a new concept of green consumption has been gradually formed. The concept of green consumption is to combine the interests of consumption with the interests of protecting the living environment of human beings when conducting personal consumption, and believes that it is not advisable to sacrifice the environment in exchange for consumption interests, so as to resist the purchase and consumption that occurs in the process of production and consumption. Environmentally polluting commodities.

It is hoped that more people can recognize the importance of protecting the environment, establish a positive view of green consumption, and participate in the action of protecting the earth's homeland.

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