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Merchant changes Provide degradable straws Launch direct drinking cup lids Citizens are complaining, and businesses are making changes.

The new partner of milk tea, biodegradable straws

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Since the official implementation of the upgraded "plastic restriction order", many beverage stores have switched to paper straws instead of disposable plastic straws. However, for more than half a month, paper straws have been complained by citizens for reasons such as "not easy to use" and "tasteful". In the past few days, the reporter visited a number of beverage stores and found that the use of paper straws has improved. Many businesses also provide polylactic acid (PLA) degradable straws, or use new direct drinking cup lids that can be directly drunk, focusing on environmental protection. At the same time, it also provides customers with a better user experience.

Citizens complain that paper straws are easy to become soft and it is inconvenient to suck and feed materials

Ms. Huang's frequency of drinking milk tea has dropped a lot recently. She complained that the paper straws are not only difficult to poke into the seal of the milk tea cup, but also very easy to soften, making it difficult to absorb the "pearls" and "pudding" in the milk tea.

Worse experience is hot drinks with paper straws. "Drinking and drinking, as if I was 'eating' the roll of paper." Ms. Zhao described it this way, "I didn't drink a few sips of hot drinks, but I ate a lot of paper." Mr. Ma said that the paper straws are in the mouth. A strange smell, which is more intense when drinking hot beverages.

"Recently, the hardness of paper straws has improved a lot." Ms. Zheng said that the softening speed of paper straws has slowed down, and they can also absorb small materials such as "pearls". Ms. Cai said that she was not used to it at first, but she has become accustomed to and accepted it for a while, "Paper degrades faster in the natural environment than plastic, although the experience of paper straws is not as good as that of plastic straws, but it is more environmentally friendly. "

The new partner of milk tea, biodegradable straws

Merchant changes Provide degradable straws Launch direct drinking cup lids

Citizens are complaining, and businesses are making changes. On the morning of the 20th, the reporter visited and found that the hardness of the paper straws provided by many beverage shops has improved compared with the previous ones. In addition, some beverage shops fully use polylactic acid (PLA) degradable straws, and some beverage shops also provide paper straws. And polylactic acid (PLA) degradable straws for customers to choose.

Take a beverage store of a certain brand as an example, one is a brown paper straw, and the packaging says "100% degradable, and the strength is easy to decrease after long-term soaking"; the other is a white degradable plastic straw, which is printed on the packaging. It reads "Choose the PLA material that takes into account environmental protection and experience, comes from plant resources and is biodegradable". The reporter also noticed that when handing over hot drinks, the staff will remind customers to drink them as soon as possible to avoid softening the paper straws and affecting the taste.

The new partner of milk tea, biodegradable straws

The reporter inserted the paper straws and polylactic acid (PLA) degradable straws collected from eight beverage stores into warm water at about 40°C to test the changes of the two straws after soaking. After 20 minutes, the end of the paper straw that was soaked in water showed signs of softening, and it was deformed when it was gently squeezed by hand, but there was no melting or breaking; the degradable straw made of polylactic acid performed well, and after soaking, there was no obvious Appearance changes.

According to the reporter's understanding, in addition to paper straws and polylactic acid (PLA) degradable straws on the market, there are also some beverage stores that have launched direct drinking cup lids or canceled cup lids. "I'm not used to paper straws, and they're not suitable for drinking hot drinks. It's better to drink them directly." Mr. Lin, who was lining up to buy drinks, told reporters.

"Carbonated drinks are easy to soften straws, and we recommend customers to drink them directly." A staff member of a brand restaurant said, but when customers order hot drinks, the staff in the store will take the initiative to provide paper straws.

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