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Ireland has introduced a coffee tax from 2021 to encourage more use of environmentally friendly biodegradable coffee cups.

Ireland imposes a coffee tax to protect the environment, and encourages businesses to use biodegradable coffee cups

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Ireland has introduced a coffee tax from 2021 to encourage more use of environmentally friendly biodegradable coffee cups. Irish Environment Minister Richard Bruton said: "One of the things we clearly want to do to make Ireland a sustainable country is to reduce the use of single-use plastic products, especially single-use plastic cups. No doubt The environmental damage from plastic cups is huge, and I can only minimize the negative impact on the environment by using biodegradable single-use cups.


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Although some businesses have used biodegradable cups and discounted customers who bring reusable cups, a government-funded survey last year found that 4.9 million people in Ireland discard as many as 200 million single-use plastic coffee cups each year. The government wants a tax of up to 0.25 euros per cup of coffee (about 3 euros for a cup of coffee) to encourage businesses to use biodegradable coffee cups.


As we all know, environmental protection is a topic of common concern in today's society. A large amount of plastic packaging waste has caused huge pressure on the environment, of which packaging waste generated by people's daily consumption of food accounts for a large proportion. Moreover, packaging waste is mainly solid waste, which is difficult to deal with. The main treatment methods for plastics are burial, and a small part is decomposed and incinerated. The buried plastic takes 200 to 400 years to be decomposed by nature, which will hinder the growth of crops, eat animals, and cause digestive system diseases at least, and death at worst. Therefore, in the design, material selection, use, and recycling of food packaging, the harm to the environment should be fully considered, plastic coffee cups should be avoided as much as possible, and biodegradable coffee cups should be used to avoid environmental pollution.


Green Olive is the largest bagasse biodegradable bagasse cup lid manufacturer in China, with strong R&D advantages, more than 10 senior engineers with rich experience in the field of molded pulp packaging, and obtained a number of Chinese patents. Considering the global plastic limit, it is a new eco-friendly eco-product full of potential, and we will continue to develop new innovative eco-biodegradable coffee cups with the best user experience at an affordable price.

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