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Plastic coffee cups flood Germany, 230,000 of them turn into the trash every hour

Published by 2022-09-07 facebook youtube Instagram linkedin

In Germany, the "discarding habit" is quite common. This statement is generally good. German Social Democrats stand in front of the building of the Ministry of the Environment, facing numerous cameras, behind them are impressive statistics provided by the Federal Environment Agency. One could also say that this is a staggering number: Germans throw away an average of 320,000 disposable coffee cups every hour, day in and day out.

biodegradable coffee cup

Single-use plastic coffee cups flood Germany


German media reported that more than half of the cups were made of plastic-coated paper, while the rest were all plastic. What all these coffee cups, numbering 2.8 billion a year, have in common: they cannot be recycled, they can only be thrown around as trash, or, as Minister Schulzer puts it: "...into the grass, into the environment, into the On the beach, and eventually into the ocean!" So using a biodegradable coffee cup mug is a must.


About 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, all of which can circle the earth 420 times. How terrible is plastic waste? Every year, more than 100,000 marine animals die from being entangled in plastic bags or accidentally ingesting plastic bags. Their living space is occupied by garbage, their food is filled with garbage,Maybe because of plastic, garbage will lead to the extinction of marine life.


Why Choose Biodegradable Bagasse Coffee Cups

Our biodegradable paper coffee cups are made from natural plant fiber pulp such as seeds, bagasse pulp, and bamboo pulp using advanced scientific formulas and cutting-edge automated production lines and technologies, and are completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Fully meet the strict food-grade requirements of the FDA, LFGB, and other countries for food contact packaging materials.

We are the largest bagasse biodegradable bagasse coffee cup manufacturer in China, with strong R&D advantages, more than 10 senior engineers with rich experience in the field of molded pulp packaging, and obtained a number of Chinese patents. Considering the global plastic limit, it is a new eco-friendly eco-product full of potential, and we will continue to develop new innovative eco-coffee cups with the best user experience at an affordable price.

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