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Bring your own lunch with portable eco-friendly cutlery or buy degradable eco-friendly cutlery yourself, and choose no cutlery when ordering takeout.

Low carbon environmental protection, what can we do

Published by 2022-04-11 facebook youtube Instagram linkedin

Environmental protection is a topic that has attracted much attention in recent years. With the excessive development and arbitrary destruction of human beings, the natural environment has become more and more severe. Once the environment is destroyed to the point where it exceeds the limit of the earth's endurance, mankind will usher in an unprecedented crisis. It is imperative to save energy and resources and protect the ecological environment. Let's talk about the little things you can do in your daily life to contribute to environmental protection.

1. Reduce the use of disposable tableware. Try not to use disposable paper cups, cutlery and other consumables. Bring your own lunch with portable eco-friendly cutlery or buy degradable eco-friendly cutlery yourself, and choose no cutlery when ordering takeout.

2. Low-carbon travel. Combining travel and exercise, integrating green, environmentally friendly and healthy travel habits into daily life, and striving to be a practitioner of green travel. Adopt a green and low-carbon travel mode and practice the "135" travel plan. That is: walking within 1 km, cycling within 3 km, and using public transport within 5 km.

3. No disposable plastic bags. Buy groceries with your own basket or cloth bag, a single-use plastic bag takes 600 years to rot.

4. Save electricity. Unplug the charger in time after charging; choose energy-saving lamps, and turn off the lights at will; the temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low, 26°C is appropriate; when the TV is not watching, you should unplug the power plug to avoid power consumption in the standby state; buy energy-saving and low-carbon Home appliances, efficient lighting products.

5. Save water. Strengthen the daily maintenance and management of water supply equipment to prevent leakage and "long running water"; turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, even if there is a leak, a ton of water can be missed in 10 days; 40 liters of water will be used for taking a bath for 10 minutes, That is, 80 bottles of mineral water. The same is true for laundry and cleaning. Sometimes you don’t need to be too clean; use degradable and low-volume detergents to reduce pollution to rivers and oceans.

6, CD action. Buy as much as you eat to prevent food waste; no matter you go out or work, you can bring your own water cup, which is convenient and hygienic; instead of buying self-made juice drinks, it is not only healthy but also reduces industrial water and electricity consumption; microwave ovens are used to heat and cook food, which is more efficient than electricity consumption. Gas is less polluting and saves money, which is good for health and the environment.

7. Reuse. After using both sides of the paper, bind the unused paper in the old exercise book to make a sketchbook, practice calligraphy, or draw a picture; whether it is toilet paper or napkin, replace it with a handkerchief if it can be replaced with a handkerchief; refuse to buy excessively packaged ones Commodities, some wrapping paper, can be made into handicrafts to beautify life; express cartons can be reused.

8. Garbage classification. To do garbage classification, to facilitate the recycling of resources, but also to avoid the damage of harmful garbage to the environment.

Participating in environmental protection and jointly practicing a green and low-carbon lifestyle is the most effective way to improve the environment at present. To protect the environment is to protect yourself. A small environmental habit every day, save the earth, start with me.

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