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The compostability of bagasse paper cups is another way to mitigate a large amount of waste that goes into landfills every day.

What are the advantages of bagasse paper cups

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As calls for more plastic and less plastic reverberate simultaneously across the globe, it is certain that plastic, Styrofoam cups, and other potentially harmful cups will be replaced by safe, biodegradable cups, bagasse paper cups are one of them.


What are bagasse paper cups?

In short, bagasse paper cups it is a by-product of the sugarcane industry. Bagasse is made up of the fibers left over after sugar cane has been juiced. This material is then processed into pulp that can be molded into different products, which can be used to hold beverages such as water, beverages, coffee, etc.


bagasse paper cups


Because many disposable cups used on the market are Styrofoam and other harmful types of cups, they are very harmful to the environment, so the need for environmentally friendly, sustainable, and compostable bagasse cups has become a substitute.


According to reports, in one study...

“Over 40% of industrial packaging is used for food packaging (a global market valued at over $56 billion), of which 40% is made of plastic”

Bagasse paper cups are a prime example of a better alternative to environmentally friendly, sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable drink cups.


Bagasse fibers are made from sustainable materials


Sustainability is a huge buzzword among the demands raised by consumers.


Materials that are still available for future generations are the simple definition of sustainability.


Reducing environmental impact and avoiding depletion of natural resources are goals of sustainable development.


Bagasse is made from a by-product material from a rapidly growing resource, making it a perfect example of sustainable development.


Compared to other materials, sugarcane plants mature within a year, very fast.


The low environmental impact coupled with the growth rate creates a product that ranks highly in terms of sustainability.



Compostable and Biodegradable

Keeping materials out of landfills is increasingly important. The compostability of bagasse paper cups is another way to mitigate a large amount of waste that goes into landfills every day.


Bagasse paper cups made from bagasse can be composted using industrial methods and decompose completely within 2-4 months.


Having biodegradable materials is important if packaging ends up in landfills.


A compostable product can be reused as fertilizer, and biodegradability means it can be broken down naturally by bacteria and organisms, eventually returning to its natural state without causing any environmental problems.


bagasse paper cups are a compostable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly product.

Bagasse can be microwaved.

 Eco-friendly options for functionality and durability score well for packaging performance.


better choice

Eco-friendly and sustainable bagasse, wheatgrass, bamboo, and silver grass are all potential ingredients for the fiber bowl.

 Always at the forefront of science and sustainability, Ecocuplids is constantly innovating new ways to create compostable bagasse paper cups and bio-based materials.

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